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International Independent Study

Gustavus sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to complete J-Term, summer, fall, or spring independent study courses in international locations. As with any independent study course, the proposed course(s) must be supported by the faculty member who will grade the course(s) and by the Registrar's Office. Generally speaking, students will complete one course in J-Term or summer, but often three to four courses in fall or spring semester.

Process. Interested students must first obtain the proposal form from the Registrar's office and complete it, obtaining all of the necessary signatures. Once the form is completed, bring it to the CICE office and then you may begin this application. Note that the completed form and the initial online application are both due by:
  • October 1 for J-Term or spring semester
  • March 1 for summer or fall semester
Once the completed form(s) has (have) been received in CICE, we will open a custom application for you in the online applicant portal.

Restricted locations. Students may not pursue any Gustavus-sponsored study in locations that are currently on the 'red list' for Gustavus activities as determined by the Travel Safety Committee. The updated list of such locations is available here.

Self-directed. Note that independent study is self-directed. CICE staff members are not able to assist you in locating suitable housing, planning your travel, and other logistical planning. For this reason, independent study works best for students who have prior travel experience and are prepared to undertake the project of finding appropriate accommodations, etc. The option is not right for every student. If you have any questions about this, please see the study away program coordinator to discuss.

No home country study. International students may not propose international independent study courses in their home countries (i.e., the country in which you normally reside and/or in which you hold citizenship). The purpose of the international independent study option is for students to experience studying in a location that is not your normal country-of-residence, and this rule applies to all participating students.

Questions? If you have questions about the location(s) that you are considering, please see the study away program coordinator.