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Application Deadlines

Application deadlines may vary by the specific program selected. For this reason, we strongly advise you to observe the deadlines listed in your selected program's brochure in this online system.  CICE will consider your application on a rolling basis beginning approximately two months before the program deadline.  You should expect a response within three weeks in most cases. 

These are the main application deadlines in use for most other programs:
Uppsala University exchange program (either semester)
Hosei University exchange program (Fall semester)
February 1
Summer: study away programs (note: some individual programs have earlier deadlines) February 15
Fall semester: study away programs 
Academic year: study away programs
March 1
J-Term: Gustavus IEX courses (Gustavus faculty-Led, priority) May 1
Spring semester: study away programs (Note- This is the final deadline for a Spring program)
Gustavus study away scholarship applications
April 15
Calendar year: study away programs September 15
J-Term: IEX courses offered by program partners October 1