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Gustavus-CIEE Latin American Study Grants
J-Term 2020

Grants. On a special, one-time basis, and through a partnership between Gustavus Adolphus College and CIEE, up to 25 Gustavus students (US students who are Pell Grant-eligible) may participate in one of five selected J-Term 2020 programs in Latin America with a full grant covering tuition and housing. Some of the options also include meals (see below).

Participant responsibilities. Participants will be responsible for airfare and personal expenses, including transportation within the destination city (plus the $35 discounted application fee for Gustavus and the $50 application fee for CIEE). In some sites, you will also pay for your own meals (details below). You will need a valid passport.

Eligibility. This special grant program is open only to US students:
  • with high financial need, defined by Pell Grant eligibility; AND
  • who have believed that they would be unable to study away (even with the help of grants and loans), as evidenced by:
    • EITHER never before having applied for study away; OR
    • having previously applied to study away and never completing the initial application because of financial concerns.

Additional scholarships and grants.
(1) While Gustavus is unable to offer additional scholarships for students selected for these grants, participants are welcome to apply for additional support from CIEE.
(2) In addition, students who have a 2019-20 Pell Grant will also be eligible to apply for a Gilman Scholarship, which could provide additional support up to the total remaining costs of participating (except for the personal expenses). The Gilman application window is August to early October 2019. Bryan or Roger in CICE can help with draft(s) of your Gilman application essays. All applicants for this grant program should apply for the Gilman, but you will be extra competitive for Gilman if you are:
  • a member of a federally recognized racial or ethnic minority, or multiracial;
  • a veteran;
  • a first-generation college student;
  • a student who lives with accessibility needs (a disability); or
  • a STEM (science/math) major.

Credits awarded and J-Term requirements. All five of these courses are for 3 US semester hours, equivalent to 0.75 Gustavus unit. Such a course will meet one of the two J-Term requirements for graduation from Gustavus. However, it is 0.25 unit short of the normal credit load for Gustavus J-term courses, so students who are not otherwise 'ahead' by at least 0.25 units will need to make up this small chunk of credit prior to graduation.

Limits on credit earned during J-Term. Also note that, if you already have taken two other J-Term courses (2.0 units) prior to participating, this 0.75 unit of credit will be purely extra in your transcript. When you take more than 2.0 J-Term units, the additional units do not apply toward the 34 total credits needed for graduation from Gustavus, as the other 32 must be taken during semester or summer terms.

Possibilities for meeting a minor requirement. Finally, some students may be able to apply the course they take toward completion of an academic minor (even if this is your third J-Term course); see your minor advisor. Even if the course counts toward the minor, the credits will only apply toward the total needed for graduation if you have earned less than 2.0 J-Term credits before participation in this program. (In other words, minor requirements and the total credits needed to graduate are two separate things.)

Course schedule. All of these courses follow the same course schedule, which begins before New Year's Day 2020. The calendar is December 30, 2019, to January 20, 2020. No late arrivals.

Courses offered:
  1. "Business Ethics and Leadership" in Brazil
    Breakfasts included; other meals not included
    Estimated airfare: $1800
  2. "Climate Change" in Peru
    Meals included
    Estimated airfare: $1500
  3. "Sustainable Development for the Tropics" in Costa Rica
    Meals included
    Estimated airfare $850 (plus most airlines charge bag-check fees each way for Central American destinations)
  4. "Sustainability and the Anthropocene" in Chile
    Includes two meals per day; third meal not included
    Estimated airfare: $1800
  5. "Tango: From the City Margins to the World" in Argentina
    Includes two meals per day; third meal not included
    Estimated airfare: $1750

Expectations of recipients. Recipients will be expected to participate fully in their programs and to provide CICE with at least five high-resolution photos taken during their time on site.