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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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HECUA: Art for Social Change: Intersections of Art, Identity, and Advocacy (Minneapolis)
Minneapolis, United States

Terms: Spring
Description: Learn how the arts can create choice, change and connection in a nationally recognized center for creativity and community.  Description What is art for? Who is allowed to be an artist? Where do you find art, and what happens when it finds [...]
HECUA: Community Internships in Latin America (Ecuador)
Quito, Ecuador

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: Description Ten years ago, Ecuadorians voted in a referendum to adopt a new constitution. Progressives were thrilled by the document, and the accompanying promises of then-president Correa. This enthusiasm has waned, and HECUA's Community [...]
HECUA: Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland
Londonderry, United Kingdom

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: Description Does the signing of a peace settlement bring about peace? If so, Northern Ireland has been a "post-conflict" society since 1998. The causes and natures of the Troubles, the violent conflict that raged in Northern Ireland [...]
HECUA: Environmental Sustainability: Science, Public Policy and Community Action (Twin Cities)
Minneapolis, United States

Terms: Fall
Description: Description Students learn why and how environmental burdens are inequitably distributed, and explore the work of communities organizing for radical, lasting change. At the heart of the program lies a fundamental question: "How can we restore [...]
HECUA: Inequality in America: Policy, Community, and the Politics of Empowerment (Minneapolis)
Minneapolis, United States

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: Examine the growing gap between rich and poor in the United States.  Gain concrete change-making skills through internships and discussion with effective activists.  Description In America today, the wealthiest 160,000 families own as mu ch[...]
HECUA: Making Media, Making Change: Digital Technologies, Storytelling, and Activism (St. Paul)
St. Paul, United States

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: Description What happens when six corporations control the production of the films, television, and news the majority of Americans consume? What is lost when the last Black-owned television station is sold? What stock stories are told and retold wh en[...]
HECUA: New Zealand Culture and Environment: A Shared Future
Wellington, New Zealand

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: Description New Zealand has long been at the forefront of innovative social, cultural, and environmental practices. In this program students get to know the people, places, and ideas that have driven developments such as truth and reconciliation pr ocesses[...]
HECUA: Social and Political Transformation in Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador

Terms: January Interim
Description: Description Students enrolled in this English-language based program will spend a month in Quito, Ecuador, exploring the perils and promise of development. They'll hike to the crest of the foothills that surround the city, and see the sprawl of [...]
HECUA: Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Justice in Italy
Florence, Italy

Terms: Fall
Description: Live and study at the intersection of food politics, sustainability, and culture on a working farm in Tuscany. Italy is the birthplace of the Slow Food movement. Unpack the movement’s motto of “good, clean, and fair food” on the [...]
HECUA: The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging
Oslo, Norway

Terms: Fall
Description: See Scandinavia in a new way–as vibrant, diverse and complex.  Explore how globalization and immigration are reshaping Norwegian identity.  Description Prosperous and egalitarian, Norway is known for its highly developed we lfare[...]
Hosei University (Exchange)
Tokyo, Japan

Terms: Academic Year, Calendar Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Hosei University Exchange Program Students are encouraged to meet with Professor Toshiyuki Sakuragi or Professor Lianying Shan of Gustavus' Japanese Studies program prior to applying for this program.  Additionally, contact the Cente r[...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Australasia Olympic Quest: Understanding Sport & Leisure in Australia & Japan
Cairns, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Nagano, Japan; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan

Terms: January Interim
Description: Olympic Quest considers how sport, leisure, and the modern Olympic Games reveal societal and cultural themes and differences. Highlights Explore former and future Olympic sites, including the venues of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Ga mes. Meet[...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Brother Enemy: Identity, Resistance and Liberation in Cambodia and Vietnam
Can Tho, Vietnam; Hanoi, Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Tay Ninh, Vietnam

Terms: January Interim
Description: Picture: Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia This course provides students with a broad overview of the process of national identity formation, armed resistance and movements of national liberation in Vietnam and Cambodia. Highlights Student s[...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Discover Japan: Language, Life, and Culture in Tokyo and Kyoto
Kyoto, Japan; Tokyo, Japan

Terms: January Interim
Description: Gain or improve your Japanese language skills and delve into Japanese culture in vibrant and dynamic Tokyo! Highlights Participate in Japanese Language and Culture Program at Hosei University, one of the oldest private universities in Japan, l ocated[...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Glaciers, Volcanoes, Sagas and Songs: Interweaving Culture and Landscape in Iceland
Egilsstadir, Iceland; Heimaey, Iceland; Hofn, Iceland; Myvatn, Iceland; Reykjavik, Iceland; Siglufjordur, Iceland

Terms: January Interim
Description: Immerse yourself ... come to understand community and isolation in one of the world's least populated and most remote nations.  Highlights Immerse yourself in expansiveness by exploring the intersections between community and iso lation[...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Gustavus Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble in Malaysia and Singapore
Georgetown, Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Malacca, Malaysia; Singapore, Singapore

Terms: January Interim
Description: The course will focus on performance of orchestral and Jazz repertoire in Malaysia and Singapore with an emphasis on American Orchestral Music, American Jazz Tradition, and the fusion of these two mediums. Highlights Gustavus Symphony Orchestr a[...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Island Schooling: Supporting Pupil Learning in Sint Maarten, Dutch West Indies
Philipsburg, Saint Martin

Terms: January Interim
Description: Do you enjoy working with children? Do you like schools and educational systems? How about tropical islands in January? Highlights This course meets one of the two IEX (Interim Experience) requirements for all Gustavus students Travel, live, [...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Natural History and Conservation Biology of Tanzania: Camping Safari
Arusha, Tanzania; Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania; Olduvai, Tanzania; Serengeti, Tanzania; Tarangire, Tanzania; Yaeda Valley, Tanzania

Terms: January Interim
Description: This course will allow students to observe and study the world’s largest population of free-ranging mega fauna and visit traditional Tanzanian cultures. We will focus on ecosystem characteristics including geology, climate, ecology and how this [...]
IEX J-Term 2020: Placing Valencia: Language, Community, and the Eastern Spanish Coast
Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Toledo, Spain; Valencia, Spain

Terms: January Interim
Description: Improve your Spanish and engage with Spaniards through service learning, while exploring the Spanish coastal city of Valencia, as well as excursions to Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo. Highlights Spanish immersion through the language and cultur e[...]
IEX J-Term 2020: The City Air Will Set You Free: Queer Urban Communities and Social Justice in Berlin and Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany

Terms: January Interim
Description: Highlights In this course, you will... Fulfill one of the two IEX (Interim Experience/J-Term) required credits for all Gustavus students. Be introduced to and/or develop your knowledge on some of the main gender and sexuality topics and [...]
IEX J-Term 2020: The Golden Age: Renaissance Art and Architecture in Italy
Arezzo, Italy; Florence, Italy; Pisa, Italy; Pompeii, Italy; Rome, Italy; Siena, Italy; Venice, Italy; Vinci, Italy

Terms: January Interim
Description: Using Florence, Italy as our home base, this course studies the progression of  Renaissance Art and Architecture and its impact on our contemporary Western society. Highlights We will begin our study looking at the classical roots of the [...]
IEX Summer 2019: Melting Mountains: Glaciers, Climate Change and Society in the European Alps
Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland; Bolzano, Italy; Chamonix, France; Fiesch, Switzerland; Geneva, Switzerland; Grindelwald, Switzerland; Hintereisferner, Austria; Innsbruck, Austria; Pontresina, Switzerland; Zermatt, Switzerland; Zurich, Switzerland

Terms: Summer
Description: Hike through highly dynamic glacial landscapes, sleep in high mountain huts, and experience some of the most dramatic rail and gondola journeys in the world! We'll spend two days hiking on the Aletsch Glacier, the longest in the European Alps, e xploring[...]
Kansai Gaidai University (Exchange)
Hirakata, Japan

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Click here for a brief overview of the Kansai Gaidai University Asian Studies Program! Exchange Model: Note that this is an exchange program. In the exchange model, participating Gustavus students enroll directly in courses offered by a partner c ollege[...]
Linnaeus University (Exchange)
Kalmar, Sweden; Vaxjo, Sweden

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Gustavus Exchange with Linnaeus University     Exchange Model: Note that this is an exchange program. In the exchange model, participating Gustavus students enroll directly in courses offered by a partner college or university loc ated[...]
Mora Folkhögskola (Mora People's College) (Exchange)
Mora, Sweden

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Exchange Model: Note that this is an exchange program. In the exchange model, participating Gustavus students enroll directly in courses offered by a partner college or university located abroad or elsewhere in the US. In these programs, there is le ss[...]
Sweden Today: The Gustavus Semester in Sweden Program
Falun, Sweden; Göteborg, Sweden; Jokkmokk, Sweden; Mora, Sweden; Stockholm, Sweden; Umeå, Sweden; Uppsala, Sweden; Visby, Sweden; Växjö, Sweden; Östersund, Sweden

Terms: Spring
Description: SWEDEN TODAY: The Gustavus Semester in Sweden PLEASE NOTE: Sweden Today runs only in the spring semester of odd years. The next Sweden Today program will be spring 2021. Overview. This program, offered every other spring semester, is intend ed[...]
United International College/UIC (Exchange)
Zhuhai, China

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Gustavus Exchange with United International College (UIC), Zhuhai, China     The University and City Located on the southern seacoast in Guandong Province, Zhuhai (meaning pearl of the sea), shares its southern border with Macau. [...]
Universiti Sains Malaysia/USM (Exchange)
Georgetown, Malaysia

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Find more information about USM here at their website. Many of the science courses are taught in English, as well as some of the humanities courses. See the course listing here: df. Exchange[...]
Uppsala University (Exchange)
Uppsala, Sweden

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Uppsala University Exchange Program Exchange Model. Note that this is an exchange program. In the exchange model, participating Gustavus students enroll directly in courses offered by a partner college or university located abroad or elsewhere in [...]